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a building with a grassy field
Jane Campbell Bannerman. The granddaughter-in-law of the builder of Bannerman Island is celebrating her 102nd Birthday on March 15th. Jane is a retired interior designer and accomplished artist with a degree from Parsens School of Design. Jane spend many weekends with her late husband Charles S. Bannerman on Bannerman Island in the family residence. Jane Bannerman recalls the first time she painted the castle: “It was sometime in the early 1930’s, I had painted a picture of a small tower on the island with a cart in front of it. I was so excited that I finished my little gem, I ran to show it to my fiancée, Charlie. I said to him, “So Charlie, what do you think of my painting?, and he burst out laughing. I asked him “what is so funny about my painting?” “and he replied”, “ You painted the men’s latrine!”. “I was so upset, I would not paint the castle again until 1993, when I helped Neil Caplan form the Bannerman Castle Trust. Jane is one of the founding members of The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. and a member of the BCT Advisory Board. “ I so happy that The Bannerman Castle Trust has just stabilized the residence.”  “ Now  we need your help to stabilize the Castle!” To celebrate Jane’s milestone birthday, Jane is asking you to send a donation in her honor to The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. to help stabilize the main iconic castle structures on Bannerman Island. Your tax deductible donation will help with the emergency stabilization of the Castle buildings on Bannerman Island. Without your help, we will lose more of the iconic structures. Your birthday wish will be sent to Jane to celebrate her 102 years, and will help us perform the Phase One Stabilization of the main castle structures. Your names will be listed in our 2012 Hudson Valley Journal. Help us Save Bannerman Island. Please send your Birthday wish and donation to The Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc., PO Box 843, Glenham, NY 12527-0843, or call Neil Caplan at 845-831-6346
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